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Pixel Chix Desktop 1.0

Pixel Chix is an animated character which you can place onto your desktop
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Pixel Chix is an amusing little character created by Mattel Inc. It's just a little girl who loves having fun with you and your friends. She comes from a pixelized, old-school world wherein everything is made of a couple of pixels.
Right after the program startup you will notice the nice and simple user interface, almost integrated with your Desktop. It features colorful rounded buttons, great for kids who are learning the basics of using the mouse. Then the Pixel Chix will appear on the screen and want you to play with her. You will also notice that the main program window and the girl are draggable, so you can place both elements by your mouse wherever you want onto your Desktop.
Pixel Chix will be there just to play with you, and if you leave her aside, she will get bored very soon and will claim for your attention! Of course, you can hide or show her by your wish, and even change their clothes and have fun with their friends, just pressing the corresponding button.
With Pixel Chix your desktop will become alive and your little kids will spend hours of fun with her.

Review summary


  • Really fun for the kids


  • Sometimes it will interfere with some desktop icons
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